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This is the final wildfire update unless there are significant changes.

Wildfire update as of 10 a.m. today:

1. 98 Delta — Approximately 250 acres. The fire stayed within the current footprint. Crews are working on completing fire lines and doing mop up. It is anticipated that the land will be turned back to landowner by end of shift Tuesday, November 22.

2. Park Fire — Approximately 110 acres. The fire is holding within current footprint and the landowner is monitoring. 

3. Tillamook Head/Square Creek Fire — Approximately 80 acres. Rural fire departments and the landowner is holding the fire within current footprint. The landowner is monitoring the incident.

4. Green Gold — Approximately 30 acres. The landowner is controlling the fire and holding it within the current footprint.  The area will be monitored and patrolled as needed.

5. Middle Mabel -Turned back over to landowner as of 6 a.m. this morning.

  • The winds have died down significantly.  They are at 0-5 miles an hour out of the east/northeast with an expected wind shift to southwest this afternoon.
  • The level 3 evacuations issued for four (4) on Saddle Mountain Road were lifted yesterday.
  • 3. The Saddle Mountain County Road will remain closed to the public at the intersection of Wawa Mainline road.

The Type 3 Incident Management Team remains in place for 98 Delta. The Oregon Dept. of Forestry, rural fire departments and landowner are all working well together, doing an excellent job and making great progress.

Neal Bond, Incident Commander for the 98 Delta fire said, “Thank you for all the help that we have received.  It is much appreciated.”

For more information visit Clatsop County or ODF websites.

Previous Coverage Nov 21:

Five wildfires continue burning in Clatsop County for a total of approximately 520 acres. 

98 Delta Incident Commander Neal Bond provided an update at approximately 3 p.m. today. “Thanks to the good work by the Oregon Department of Forestry, the landowner and the rural fire departments, we are able to lift the Level 3 evacuation orders for the homes along Saddle Mountain County road.”

Evacuation orders are issued by the Clatsop County Sheriff and Sheriff Matt Phillips lifted the order in consultation with ODF.

Saddle Mountain Road is still closed to the public at this time.

For more information visit Clatsop County or ODF websites.

Previous Coverage Nov 20:

Five wildfires continue burning in Clatsop County for a total of approximately 520 acres. 

At approximately 2:30 p.m. yesterday, Oregon DEQ tweeted “fires in Clatsop County, Oregon may bring periods of heavy intermittent smoke to communities in the North Coast. East winds are forecasted to remain through the weekend.”

Today, Winds are forecast to be 5-8 miles per hour from the east southeast becoming light and shifting in the afternoon.

Although air quality levels are back to healthy levels, that may change later in the day. Clatsop County Emergency Management and Public Health continue monitoring air quality. Residents may monitor their air quality levels at


Good progress is being made on all fires, and containment lines continue to be established. The Oregon Department of Forestry, local landowners and fire departments are working together to control the fires prior to Thanksgiving.

The largest of the fires, the 98 Delta Fire about 10 miles east of Gearhart, is estimated at about 250 acres and about 25 percent contained. Fire crews are fortifying containment lines and completing mop up in accessible areas. At this point, not a lot of additional growth is expected out of this fire.

Saddle Mountain County road remains closed to the public at the intersection of Wawa Mainline Road.

Active Wildfires

  • 98 Delta - Near Saddle Mountain Road and is approximately 250 acres
  • Park Fire - Southwest of Saddle Mountain State Natural Area and is approximately 110 acres. Containment lines have been established on the east side of the fire.
  • Middle Mabel is around 40 acres and is east/northeast of 98 Delta.

Controlled Wildfires

  • Green Gold - is approximately 40 acres and is by the border of Clatsop and Columbia Counties.
  • Tillamook Head - This fire continues burning and the landowner is managing it. Local fire departments and rural fire agencies are keeping it confined so the fire does not expand into other areas. Given the steep terrain, this fire may continue to creep and smolder for a while.

“We want to stress that incredible work is being done to contain these fires, however, they are not out and people need to stay informed,” said Justin Gibbs, Clatsop County emergency management director.

For more information visit Clatsop County or ODF websites.


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