Jean Nordmark has been involved with the Spay and Neuter Thrift Shop in Seaside for 20 plus years. The shop is a consignment business with all proceeds going towards vouchers for veterinary fees for spay and neuter for any dog or cat in Clatsop County. “We recently received a large donation from a private donor and we’re putting that to work right away,” Nordmark said. “We’re working to increase the dollar amount we pay to the vets, starting March 1.”

The Spay and Neuter Thrift Shop works with veterinarians in Astoria, Warrenton and Seaside. “We’ve been in our space for over 20 years,” Nordmark said. “Everyone who works in the shop is a volunteer. We accept donations of clothing, small household goods, home décor. We give donors a receipt for their taxes.”

“We’re always looking for more volunteers,” Nordmark said. The Spay and Neuter Thrift Shop is located at 600 Broadway in Seaside; 503 738-7040. The shop is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is closed Wednesdays.

Angels for Sara is looking for a new home for their sanctuary. They are a 501(c)3 nonprofit that fosters, prepares for adoption, and in some cases provides a loving, permanent home to abandoned senior dogs. The organization’s newsletter, Senior Paws, recently described Bunny, a 13-year-old, 6-pound ball of white fluff who became homeless when her owner had to go to a nursing home. A recent newsletter thanked Hammond Kennels in Hammond for their help grooming and nail trimming their sanctuary dogs, as well as Chandra Daniels, a dog trainer at Petco in Warrenton who gives Reiki healing to many of the sanctuary’s dogs.

“We are at the point we are turning away senior dogs because of our present zoning,” said Jacque Pressly, Angels for Sara’s director. “We’re looking for at least one or two acres, preferably a ranch style home. We’d like two to three bedrooms, two baths, and out in the country where the dogs won’t bother neighbors or be on a busy road.” Angels for Sara is looking for something to rent or lease with an option to buy.”

Email them at Read more about them on their website or on their Facebook page.


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