September is National Preparedness Month and Cannon Beach has events scheduled to help people get ready in the event of a disaster.

The first of these events is an informational session on how to pack a so-called “go bag,” which will be held from 5-7 p.m. on Sept. 18, in the former Cannon Beach Elementary School on Beaver Street, said Rick Hudson, city emergency manager.

“The importance of having a go bag is to always be ready,” Hudson said. “If something happens, you don’t have time to put these things together.”

A go bag is organized around the idea that a person will need to be self-reliant for three days in the event of an emergency, Hudson said.

The bag contains enough food for a couple of days, one extra change of clothing, water or something that filters water, the ability to stay dry with a tarp or a raincoat, batteries and a flashlight, he said.

“You don’t need that much, but you do need these things,” Hudson said.

Members from the Cannon Beach Community Emergency Response Team, the Medical Reserve Corps, the Disaster Animal Response Team and the Red Cross will be at the meeting to talk about their roles in an emergency, he said.

 “It is a chance for everyone to talk together,” he said. How to get to the assembly areas in the event of a tsunami will also be explained. Clatsop ALERTS notifies people in the event of an emergency. Someone will explain how to sign up for Clatsop ALERTS.

“We want everybody in the city to sign up for Clatsop ALERTS,” Hudson said.  “It will notify you by text, email or phone that something is happening and it will give you directions.”

The session will also update residents on the city Barrell and Cache program, he said.

“Our city survival Cache program and citizens barrel program was started in 2011,” Hudson said.  “Concerned citizens who were motivated by improving community resiliency and surviving natural disasters.  They started to build the cache sites outside of the Tsunami inundation zones.  They started to build the cache sites in the areas of the city which were geographically situated and owned by the city.  These Cache sites are labeled OSCAR in the North side of town, ECHO in the center of town, and TANGO in the south side of town.  These cache sites have some basic survival food-water and equipment.  The citizens then began to store their personal supplies in individual and family sized barrels.   

 “Currently we have Red Cross supplies, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) equipment, Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) supplies, Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) equipment, and City Survival equipment stored in these cache sites.   We still support the community barrel program and encourage more citizens to get involved.  Our future objective is to add communications, equipment, food, water, and other supplies to these community cache sites to maximize the resiliency and support for the community.”

On “Wayfinding Wednesdays,” the community will practice walking from their homes or the beach to the nearest Tsunami Assembly area from 5-5:30 p.m.

Also, in October, Cannon Beach will be participating in the Great ShakeOut earthquake drill, which is a nationwide event, he said.

The drill will be held this year on October 15, as stated on www.shakeout.org.

To sign up for Clatsop ALERTS, visit www.co.clatsop.or.us/em/page/clatsopalerts


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