In George Sabol’s experience, Cannon Beach is the only city in Clatsop County that makes applying for a grant “a great event.”

“You write the grant (proposal), you find out if you got it or not,” said Sabol, executive director of Clatsop Community Action, the Astoria-based nonprofit that helps low-income people meet their housing, food and basic living needs.

When Sabol tries to get grants from the city of Warrenton, his hometown, the results have been less than inspiring: “They don’t even look at nonprofits. We’ve asked and asked, and nothing happens.”

Clatsop Community Action is one of 15 local and countywide nonprofit organizations that received a grant from the city of Cannon Beach at the annual community potluck and community grant awards presentation Sept. 16.

Based on funding recommendations from the parks and community services committee, the city handed out a total of $74,929 in checks. Of that, $7,666.67 of which went to Sabol’s organization.

Staffed by volunteers and staff members, the nonprofits work to bring art and culture to Clatsop County, educate kids and adults and look after the county’s most vulnerable members — struggling families, homeless individuals, former prisoners and abused children and adults.

Because the original proposals added up to $108,045, the city’s parks and community services committee went through considerable anguish while reaching a consensus on how much to award, said committee Chairwoman Barb Knop.

In the end, though, every one of this year’s grant applicants received funding, according to Mayor Mike Morgan, who said the city potluck is his favorite night because “I get to give away a lot of money, and none of it’s out of my pocket.”

In addition to Clatsop Community Action, the following agencies received:

• Camp Kiwanilong, a children’s camp based in Warrenton, $541.50

• The Cannon Beach Arts Association, which runs the Cannon Beach Gallery and holds several exhibitions a year, $9,983.79

• The Cannon Beach Chorus, for music to sing at performances, $875

• The Cannon Beach Historical Society, for its cottage tour, $654.17

• The Cannon Beach Library, $12,193.17

• Clatsop CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), which recruits, trains and support citizen-volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children, $3,050

• Healing Circle, for its Victory Over Child Abuse Camp that helps children recover from sexual abuse, $1,280

• Helping Hands Reentry and Outreach, which provides overnight shelter and long-term recovery for homeless people, $7,109.83

• Restoration House, a shelter for former inmates seeking rehabilitation, $4,616.67

• The Seaside High School robotics team, $583.17

• The Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District, $1,008.33

• The Harbor (formerly the Clatsop County Women’s Resource Center), a resource for victims of intimate partner violence, sexual assault and stalking, $7,633.33

• Tolovana Arts Colony, a community of artists that offer year-round arts education, $13,760.21

• The Wildlife Center of the North Coast, an animal hospital that rehabilitates sick and wounded wildlife, $4,018.17


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