City allotted funds for intersection improvement

The intersection of Warren Way and Hemlock.

The city of Cannon Beach has been awarded $100,000 from the Small Cities Allotments program. The funds will be used to improve the Warren Way and Hemlock intersection.

“More than $5.2 million for this award cycle will fund 54 projects in this Keep Oregon Moving program, part of the historic HB 2017 funding package,” the Oregon Department of Transportation announced Friday in a news release.

“A proposed design has been developed along with the successful award of the $100K SCA grant that would help with the estimated $140K construction cost to implement the proposed 4-way stop design and the required ADA sidewalks and curbs for pedestrian traffic,” La Bonte stated in a news release Monday.

“This SCA of $100K is to modify temporary measures put in place at the time the Fresh Foods Market was built on the south-east corner of this intersection,” she stated. “The addition of the new market increased the foot traffic at this intersection as well as the vehicle traffic.”

The plan is based on a 20-year traffic projections study by Lancaster Engineering conducted in 2016, she stated. The study included a variety of recommendations on how to manage the traffic.

“The candlestick configuration currently in place was a temporary measure to help reduce the number of traffic lanes approaching that intersection at one time,” she stated. “The current 2-way stop design of the intersection was improved by adding additional crosswalks and a pedestrian ramp at the corner of the new market.

“A subsequent study was conducted in 2019 as a follow-up on the effectiveness of the candlesticks in controlling traffic. That information was presented to Council at the November 12, 2019 work session. Council asked staff to bring back a proposed design and the associated costs to implement a 4-way stop at the intersection as proposed by the Lancaster Traffic Study.”


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