The City of Cannon Beach voted unanimously Tuesday on a change to its short-term rental ordinance, and also created an ordinance to prohibit feeding wild animals.

Several people in the business community favored keeping the rental lottery system going while the city gathered its data, as reported previously by The Gazette. However, continuing the lottery was not popular with everyone in Cannon Beach.

The council decided the following:  

As stated in the ordinance, when a lifetime unlimited or five-year unlimited permit is “revoked or terminated,” it will not be replaced.

Meantime, during a work session in August, the council discussed the nature of a wild-animal feeding ordinance, as stated in the city’s minutes. The concern revolved around an “abundance of certain animal species in the City limits” and the feeding of non-domestic animals.

The following is a copy of the ordinance passed by the council, provided by Assistant City Manager Colleen Dick:

“The attracting or feeding of wild animals within the City limits is declared to be a public nuisance and is prohibited at all times. This prohibition includes a person placing or knowingly allowing food or other attractants to be placed on their property or public property with the intent of attracting or feeding wild animals. Nothing contained in this section shall prohibit the feeding of songbirds provided that the food is contained in a feeder which is reasonably designed to avoid access by wild animals and placed in a manner to avoid access by wild animals. This section does not prohibit the feeding of wild animals kept under a valid permit issued by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.”

“The city expects to have a year to educate citizens and visitors to the new rule before implementing (any) fine,” Dick said, regarding the wild-animal ordinance. 

Both ordinances will go into effect in 30 days, she said.


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