Cannon Beach, the only entity in Clatsop County not a part of the Oregon State University Extension Service District, will soon be added to the service district.

The Clatsop County Board of Commissioners — acting as the 4-H and Extension Service District Board — met for a special meeting Monday to approve the annexation of Cannon Beach into the 4-H and Extension Service District.

The Board of Commissioners then set a public hearing on the annexation for March 25, during its regular board meeting. After the public hearing, the board can officially approve the annexation.

Patrick Corcoran, the county leader of Clatsop County OSU Extension, said the addition of Cannon Beach will allow South County residents direct opportunities with the extension service, including participation in 4-H and Master Gardener programs.

Clatsop County’s extension service, with an office in Astoria, is a partnership between the county and Oregon State University. The service offers research-based programs to residents of the extension service district, which will include Cannon Beach.

The funding for OSU county extension offices come from federal, state and local partnerships.

“This will be terrific to have consistency throughout the county,” Corcoran said. “For Cannon Beach residents, primarily for families wanting local 4-H programs, they can have those in the city without having to go to Seaside.”

Corcoran approached the Cannon Beach City Council last year, and asked the council to consider joining the district. The council left it up to local voters in November, who passed the ballot measure 384-307.

The Board of Commissioners needed to take action Monday, so the extension service could meet a state Department of Revenue deadline of March 31 to allow the extension service to collect from the Cannon Beach tax base by November.

The 4-H and Extension Service District will have an increased tax base of about $44,000 based on 2014 assessments.

With the annexation, Cannon Beach property owners will pay property taxes of 5.34 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. For a Cannon Beach home assessed at $250,000, the total annual tax would be $13.35 to become part of the service district.

From the 1930s until 1986, the Clatsop County extension office was funded through a line item in the county general fund. But in 1986, the 4-H and Extension Service District was formed as an alternative source of funding. The measure passed in all voting districts — except Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach residents were able to participate in extension service programs, but they needed to travel to Seaside and elsewhere to do so. Once the annexation is likely approved March 25, the clubs and programs can be held in Cannon Beach.

EO Media Group reporter Erick Bengel contributed to this report.


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