Police log

April 30

1:21 a.m., 101/MP 28: Citizen assist, subject found sleeping next to fogline at mile post 28. Contacted subject and gave courtesy ride to the junction of hwy 26.

1:43 p.m., 139 N Hemlock: Took information of alleged cold hit and run.

5:47 p.m., 3400 S Hemlock: Report of possible disturbance in hotel room. No answer, UTL.

11:08 p.m., 400 Blk Fir St: Assisted CBFR with medical call, subject was transported to PSH by Medix.

May 1

12:31 a.m., Tolovana Wayside: Subjects warned for overnight camping.

12:37 a.m., Tolovana Wayside: Subjects warned for overnight camping.

11:47 a.m., 3739 S Hemlock: Welfare Check, contacted subject, subject fine, cleared.

1:07 p.m., 411 Elk Cr Rd: Assisted CBFD and Medix with medical call.

3:10 p.m., unknown: Lost apple watch.

3:41 p.m., unkown: Report of lost smart watch.

4:08 p.m., Jackson/Munroe: Officer contacted subject and disabled vehicle. Vehicle moved out of roadway. Officer cleared.

8:32 p.m., Spruce Parking: Warned for overnight camping.

10:55 p.m., Spruce Parking: Warned for overnight camping.

11:51 p.m., Spruce Parking: Warned for overnight camping.

May 2

2:19 a.m., Haystack Rock Parking Lot. Subject warned for overnight camping.

8:36 a.m., Hwy 101, MP 26. Observed vehicle driving in a suspicious manner. Male driver determined to be criminally suspended. SPD assisted with issuing criminal citation.

8:52 a.m., Hwy 101, MP 26. Assisted at structure fire in Seaside.

12:13 pm 12th / Prom. Assisted SPD with disturbance.

12:42 pm, Hwy 101/26 junction. Assisted OSP with single vehicle MVA.

1:26 pm, Gower/Hemlock. Complaint of vehicle parked close to stop sign and corner, officer contacted owner to move it.

3:44 pm, Beach. report of a camera lost with lunch box.

5:21 pm, Gower. Subject reports suspicious activity with their car.

7:57 pm, Hemlock/Watts. Officer assisted subject with vehicle.

8:42 pm, 188 W 2nd. Monitored fires on beach, all fine.

11:03 pm, 144 Brallier St., Report of people in a residence when nobody should be there per neighbor. Spoke with residence owner who had been staying there for previous three months.

11:44 pm, Elk Creek Cache. Warned subject for overnight camping.

May 3

3:51 am, City Park. Warned subject with bicycle for overnight camping.

4:16 am, 1125 Queen St., AOA SPD-Stood by and assisted SPD officers with impaired subject who was yelling for help from under a porch.

9:49 am, 284 W Tanana St, Code violation, business license.

9:49 am, 596 N Larch St, Code violation, business license.

9:50 am, 1315 S Hemlock St. Ste 1. Code violation, business license.

11:24 am, 1764 Viewpoint Terrace, Code violation: two sandwhich board signs placed in public right of way.

5:20 pm, Hemlock/Gower. Request for welfare check on elderly male, who had been sleeping near the sidewalk. Officers made contact, subject was fine, awaiting a bus to Tillamook.

10:42 pm, Fern/Pacific. Warned subject for overnight camping

10:50 pm, Tolovana Wayside. Individuals contacted suspected overnight camping.

May 4

10:00 am, 3116 S Hemlock St., Code violation: Outdoor Merchandising.

10:24 am, 195 Hills Ln., Code violation: traffic cones in public ROW.

10:26 am, Hemlock / 2nd. Assisted CBFD with medical call.

11:08 am, 163 E 2nd St., Code violation: traffic cones in public ROW.

11:51 am, Hwy 101 / S of Silver Point. Report of man laying on side of road. Officer arrived, made contact, gave subject a courtesy ride to the bus stop.

5:36 pm, 340 Elk Creek Rd, Officer assisted on scene of medical call.

5:56 pm, Haystack Rock, Warning of climbing on rock.

8:26 pm, 291 E Dawes, Medical Call.

10:27 pm, Skate Park. LOG: Successful Subpoena service.

10:37 pm, Elk Run Park. Warned subject for overnight camping.

May 5

12:44 a.m., 232 N Spruce. Officers responded to alarm call. No signs of forced entry. Perimeter secure, chargeable alarm.

1:08 am, Spruce Parking. Warned subject for overnight camping.

1:39 am, 400 blk, 11th ave. AOA SPD, officer stood to assist SPD with a report of a home break in. Officer helped search, UTL on suspect.

2:56 am, 100 blk N Holladay. AOA SPD, officer stood to assist SPD with DUII investigation. Officer transported female juvenile to SPD.

8:14 am, 107 w Washington St., Assisted CBFD with a male subject that had fallen. Medix transported to PSH.

11:51 am, 139 W 2nd St. Ste 5, Code Violation: Balloons outside business.

12:00 pm, 164 Maher St. Code violation: Signage.

12:08 pm, Hwy 101 sb, Assisted SPD, report of 3 vehicles traveling southbound on hwy 101, street racing. Contacted subjects advised the drivers that they were the subjects of a traffic complaint for street racing.

12:18 pm, Hwy 101/Sunset. Report of MVC on the east bound Sunset Off Ramp of Hwy 101. Responded to the scene, no injuries reported, driver received citation for careless driving. Vehicles were able to leave the scene without assistance.

2:56 pm, 200 Blk, N Hemlock. Code Violation: Amplified sound within city limits.

8:28 pm, 26/hwy 101 sb, Semi all over the road. Contacted milk truck. No baffles in truck and just picked up a load of milk and truck moves around a lot.

11:10 pm, Haystack Rock Parking. Subject warned no overnight camping.

May 6

12:59 a.m., 415 Kimberly Ct., Subject warned for loud music.

2:30 am, 4040 S Hemlock St, Complaint of bright lights. Lights determined to not be a problem.

3:30 am, 640 Oak St, Assisted with medical call of fall patient.

9:40 am, Spruce /Sunset. Dog at large.

9:50 am, Elk Land Rd/Crescent Ct., Dog at Large

3:11 pm, 264 E 3rd St, Code Violation: Signage

8:46 pm, 4008 S Hemlock St, Welfare Check. Spoke with owner regarding gues staying at the Inn.

9:30 pm, Spruce St. Responded to a noise complaint, noise was coming from a backup generator in a shed for cell tower at same location.

May 7

12:49 a.m., 340 Elk Creek Rd, Followed up with owner of stolen property on 5/8/19. Dismiss Case.

1:56 pm, Beach/Tolovana Inn. Assisted on medical call.

3:13 pm, 1900 blk Pacific. Complaint of tour van parked on block. Vehicle was parked legally.

5:57 pm, Silverpoint. Subject arrested for DUII.

10:33 pm, Haystack Parking, Subject warned no overnight camping.

May 8

2:06 a.m., 1400 S Hemlock, ste 232. Noise Complaint. No noise found, advised occupant to keep it quiet.

6:18 am, 2nd St Restrooms, Overnight camping prohibited.

6:24 am, Elk Run Park, Overnight camping prohibited.

8:31 am, 80409 Carnahan Rd. Report of male speeding through a residential neighborhood and got of his vehicle and started yelling. Assisted Clatsop county deputies.

9:06 am, 124 N Hemlock, Property found.

10:50 am, 1063 S Elm St., Unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

11:23 am, 1063 Elm, Assisted with dog.

11:55 pm, Tolovana Wayside, overnight camping prohibited.

May 9

9:10 a.m., Haystack Heights, Dog animal complaints.

9:14 am, beach. Officer assisted subject with pain issues.

9:48 am, Chamber of Commerce. Property found.

12:37 pm, Public parking at Spruce. Dog animal copmlaint.

3:33 pm, beach. Property found.

3:51 pm, Sunset/Spruce. Assisted CBFR with small grass fire.

3:55 pm, 2nd St restrooms, property found.

3:55 pm, AOA with small grass fire.

5:13 pm, 400 blk n Larch, verbal disturbance between two family members.

6:30 pm, Ecola Point Park. Subject under the influence of narcotics on hiking trail and having a bad trip. Assisted OSP and CBFD.

10:33 pm, Haystack Parking. Overnight camping prohibited.

10:42 pm, Haystack Parking. No overnight camping prohibited.

10:45 pm, Haystack Parking. Overnight camping prohibited.

10:50 pm, Tolovana Wayside. Overnight camping prohibited.

10:57 pm, Beaver/Antler. Out with vehicle with door open and unoccupied.

11:37 pm, Harrison/Ecola Ct., Overnight camping prohibited.

11:46 pm, Wayfarer. Overnight Camping Prohibited.


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