Tree-planting ceremony

Cannon Beach Academy board member Barb Knop speaks with students during a tree-planting ceremony April 12, 2019. The event was part of the city of Cannon Beach's 12 Days of Earth Day event, which Knop also helps chair.

The Cannon Beach City Council discussed at their work session Tuesday, Jan. 14, 12 Days of Earth Day. The Parks and Community Services Committee has played an integral role in organizing and coordinating Cannon Beach’s unique 12 Days of Earth Day celebration.

At the March 12, 2019 meeting, the council approved Resolution 19-02, which delegated authority to the Parks and Community Services Committee to sponsor the 12-Days celebration just for 2019. The next step is to make the 12-Days celebration a permanent city event. Staff and the city attorney are in the process of drafting the necessary documents to make it a City of Cannon Beach event organized by the Parks and Community Services Committee, instead of a public event sponsored by the city.

“What we really are trying to accomplish with this event in our recommendation is to make some changes to how the city has been handling it, to essentially make it a city-sponsored event, with public participation, a city-run event,” said Ashley Driscoll, city legal council.

Driscoll said traditionally, they want 12 days of events and make it a conservation-focused event. By making it a city-run event, they can control the message and it will be the city speaking. The City of Cannon Beach could invite the public to participate and further the city’s mission.

“What we are doing tonight is coming to the council to see if this is a change that makes sense to the council,” Driscoll said.

The documents discussed would tweak the delegation of authority to the Parks and Community Services Committee not to sponsor the event, but to have it as a city-run event.

Councilor Mike Benefield asked if the 12-Days committee would be a standing committee of the city. Driscoll said the committee that would be responsible for the 12-Days would be the Parks and Community Services Committee and not a separate committee.

“It would eventually be part of the Parks and Community Services Committee,” Driscoll said.

The committee reviewed the documents at their Jan. 16 meeting. They will be presented to the council during the work session Tuesday, Feb. 11, and at the March 3 business meeting for a vote. The council agreed that they are comfortable with establishing the 12-Days as a city event, so staff will proceed and provide the draft documents for review at the Feb. 11 work session.


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