The Cannon Beach City Council voted unanimously Tuesday not to continue to allow ‘grading for views,’ said City Community Development Director Jeff Adams.

The council has not yet voted on the ordinance itself, which includes more than the portion about dune grading for views, Adams said.

“…They (council) are just making their way through certain portions of the decision,” he said. “The ordinance goes into effect 30 days after adoption,” with some exceptions.

Council “voted to no longer allow ‘grading for views’, but wanted to impress that they would still allow some forms of ‘maintenance’ and ‘remedial’ grading, which we will work through over the coming weeks,” he said in an email Wednesday. “I think we still have a long way to go with these amendments. They continued the meeting until next week…”

The City Council is holding a special meeting next Wednesday to deliberate on the foredune management plan, according to a city notification.

Several days before Tuesday’s vote, the city held a number of public hearings to listen to comments on the issue of whether to allow the grading of sand dunes for views and if allowed, how to do it, as stated on the city website.

Many people attended the hearings and submitted written comments.

“As far as turnout, we had over 50 at our Science Work Session and have had thirty or forty at each of the hearings,” he said in an email on Oct. 1. “We have had nearly 100 written comments sent in, as of this writing…”

As stated in a previous story for The Gazette, the city planning commission reviewed the foredune management plan and previously submitted the following letter to the Mayor and Council:

“The Cannon Beach Planning Commission submits to the City Council the accompanying Foredune Management Plan amendments to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Municipal Code, but does so with Reservations,” as stated on the city website. “As the Council is aware, the City’s current Comprehensive Plan allows for foredune management in order to maintain views but does not require the City to allow such dune grading. During an extensive public process focused on these matters, it became clear to the Planning Commission that there is no consensus, either among Cannon Beach residents or on the Commission, to allow such dune grading.

“Many Cannon Beach residents opposed dune grading for views. In fact, some residents favored placing the issue on a ballot. Accordingly, the Planning Commission recommends that the City Council carefully consider whether to allow dune grading for views at all, and that you adopt the accompanying Foredune Management Plan only to the extent that the Council decides to allow such grading activities.”


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