Reimagining a historic Indian village

NeCus' Park, at the entrance of Cannon Beach (2018).

The Cannon Beach City Council met on Tuesday, Dec. 3, for their city council meeting to discuss action for the NeCus’ Marker Proposal. City Manager Bruce St. Denis presented this item at the Nov. 12 city council meeting.

St. Denis had presented at the Nov. 12 city council meeting a joint proposal from the Clatsop Nehalem Confederated Tribes (CNCT) and the Oregon Chapter of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation (ORLCTHF) to place basalt boulders with bronze plaques at NeCus’ Park. One of the monuments would describe the ‘welcoming man’ sculpture and one would address the general history of NeCus’ Village. A third interpretive panel would be sited at Les Shirley Park, honoring the bravery of an unnamed woman who saved the life of a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

St. Denis said the City of Cannon Beach would pay $2,500, as well as provide an estimate 50 staff hours to install the two boulders and the panel. St. Denis said the wording on the plaques and panel were not finalized yet.

St. Denis spoke again at the Dec. 3 meeting. There was a request for the City of Cannon Beach to participate, including granting the boulders to be installed.

“There was a budget of I believe $15,000,” St. Denis said. “They were asking for a cash contribution from the City of $2,500.”

St. Denis said the national parks department could help with equipment to move and install the boulders and could relocate them if there was ever a need. With that, because there is going to be different agreements and arrangements being made, from an operation stand point, the recommendation for a motion is to move to authorize the city manager to move forward with completing this project.

“With that, we would do a letter, probably with the mayor’s signature, to the appropriate parties because they ask for that assistance to apply for grants,” St. Denis said.

Someone said the tribes are ready to approve the concept. It was clear in the language needs to be approved by all parties before it is installed or sent to the print shop or whoever.

A councilor said they can approve the concept and the idea and move forward. They do want to look at the language before it moves to the panels, which they can conclude in the letter. The council moved to authorize the city manager to move forward with completing this project. The motion passed.


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