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NeCus' Park, at the entrance of Cannon Beach (2018).

The Cannon Beach City Council met Tuesday, Jan. 7, to consider an ordinance for the purpose of adopting for the purpose of amending Chapter 12.42 of the Cannon Beach Municipal Code the Parks Code, which was last updated in 2005. The Parks and Community Service Committee reviewed the Park Code and recommended amendments to the city council.

The Cannon Beach City Council reviewed the recommended amendments and agreed they are necessary. The council amended Chapter 12.42 of the code. Ordinance 5-13 is repealed when this ordinance become effective. This ordinance is effective 30 days from adoption.

There was a motion to adopt the amending of the Park Code.

“I’m still questioning whether I would adopt it,” Mayor Sam Steidel said of the ordinance.

Steidel, along with all of the council members, voted yes. The motion passed.

City Manager Bruce St. Denis said the mark-up had nine changes. Two of those changes clarify that the designated representative for the city will be the public works director. There is also a definition of what parks are included. These are including, but not limited to, City Main Park, Les Shirley Park, Ne Cus’ Park, Ecola Creek Park, Whale Park, Madison Park, Elk Run Park, Sitka Spruce Reserve, Tolovana Hall Property and the Sewage Lagoon Loop Trail System.

There is now a rule that no person shall build any fire within a park. Open-sided canopies of 10 feet by 10 feet are allowed if approved under City-permitted event application. Tents and canopies would be allowed through the process.

One of the items added was that no one shall allow horses to enter any park or city parking lot, with the exception of horse trailers with temporary loading and unloading of animals in the west Les Shirley parking lot and the east end of Elk Creek Road.

Councilor Nancy McCarthy asked if the bucketing of horses would come later in the code. St. Denis said they decided to move forward with these items and not on the horse issue.

“That discussion is ongoing, but this allows us to take care of other matters of concern,” St. Denis said.

McCarthy said she received a letter from a constituent asking her about smoking in the parks. She asked to clarify that smoking is not allowed it the parks now according to the ordinance. A staff member said she believes there are designated areas that are non-smoking. St. Denis said there was discussion at a meeting that it is something that will be taken up later.

“Use of park facilities is on a first come, first served basis except for events for 50 persons or more, which must go through the city event permit process,” St. Denis said.


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