In order to qualify for grants and gain more financial security, Cannon Beach Academy needs the Seaside School District’s approval of its charter application without conditions, school leaders said.

The conditions can be addressed during contract negotiations after the charter approval, Cannon Beach Academy stated in an Aug. 19 message.

“If you have an approved charter, versus an approved with conditions charter, you have an exponentially better chance of getting grants and awards,” the academy’s interim executive director Ryan Hull said at the August district board meeting. “What that doesn’t do is remove things that you want us to be held accountable for.”

Cannon Beach Academy can apply for Oregon Department of Education charter school implementation grants that will be available in spring. Seaside School District expects to resolve the charter application before the grant application period, Superintendent Sheila Roley said.

“I think we as a board see the urgency of getting those things done,” district board member Steve Phillips said. “It sounds like we are on the same page and moving forward.”

The academy met with Roley prior to the board meeting.

“We’ve been in good communication and trying to move to the best outcome for all of our kids,” Roley said.

The district approved the academy in October under conditions, such as that the school would serve at least 44 kindergarten and first-grade students in its first year. In March, the district withdrew conditional approval, stating that the academy fell short on funding, enrollment and a state-approved English Language Learning program.

The academy will be working closely with the school district in the next few months, including going over budgets for K-1, K-2 and K-3 options, academy board president Kellye Dewey said.

Cannon Beach Academy is currently working to re-submit its application with revised sections.

“Our goal is to work together and be part of the district,” Dewey said.

An enrollment update would likely happen early next year, Hull said.

Cannon Beach Academy also announced that it has raised $10,000 through community donation jars in local businesses and redeemable bottle collections.



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