CANNON BEACH — It may not be the Vietnamese-style caramel chicken or the pear-brined pork chop, but at The Bistro, dogs can now get more than table scraps.

Jack Stevenson has introduced a gourmet dinner option for dogs to his upscale menu. The “Bistro Dog Food Offering” lists an entree of chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes, olive oil and salt all garnished with a sprig of parsley for $4.50.

Cannon Beach is already known as dog-friendly, the restaurant owner said, but he thought he would take it a step further.

“What can we do for dogs? Businesses around here all have snacks, so I decided to do what I hadn’t seen yet: to make dog food,” he said.

Stevenson said he has been surprised by the buzz the new menu item has created since he unveiled it last week. Already he has had 30 dogs order the meal, with more emails and calls coming in every day asking about it.

“I’ve gotten a lot comments like, ‘Are you kidding?’ and, ‘Oh, my gosh!’ from customers when they see the menu,” he laughed. “But so far it has been very well received. People who love their dogs really love them, so they like the idea of feeding them healthy, nutritious food.”

Gary Hayes brought his Wheaten terrier mix, Gracie, to try the new dish when it was first introduced. He’s a regular at The Bistro, partly because there is dog-friendly outdoor seating, so the idea his dog could join him for dinner as well was exciting.

“It’s the only restaurant that I know of that actually offers a meal for a dog,” Hayes said. “It was great. I came down right from work and didn’t have to worry about feeding Gracie.”

With popularity growing, Stevenson said he plans to expand by working with local dog shops to sell his dog dinner to-go in refrigerated, compostable cups.

“When people go to the beach, they aren’t thinking about bringing dog food. So owners could benefit from the convenience of having an on-the-go dog meal they can buy,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson hopes to research more dog-friendly dishes to diversify the menu. But, for now, it seems like the dogs are loving everything about the dish except for one thing.

“Gracie cleaned the bowl,” Hayes said, “but she left the parsley garnish.”


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