Peter Dueber’s “tritilogy,” a three-decade oeuvre by the local author, took center stage at Cannon Beach Books on Sunday, July 11 the kickoff of what he hopes will be a long journey.

“The Enlightened Journey of Eff C’effsky” is the first in his “Journey” series, planned to be nine books, thus the tritrilogy.

The first begins with Eff C’effsky, a young boy who finds himself in an orphanage with no memory of how he got there. He feels that he’s been somebody somewhere else, but it’s unsure whether his “weird, disjointed dreams” are more than they seem.

Dueber said it’s about “a journey of deciding” between two parallel worlds: the one Eff is surviving in the 1950s, where he constantly faces bullies, and the other in more of a fantasy realm.

Whether that fairy tale storyline has already happened or is concurrently happening or is even real is for readers to decide.

“Hopefully it’s painted well enough that you want to be in both worlds,” Dueber said. “More than anything, I want to inspire people to become themselves and take chances.”

Dueber said he wants his readers to be able to see themselves in and care for the characters.

The series will feature several of them, but Eff will carry the reader through all the books.

“The idea is to bring the reader full circle,” Dueber added.

Dueber mapped the full storyline out over three decades. Book two is sitting in a box. His oldest child, Molly, refused to let Dueber rehash any bedtime stories, so he would tell her tales from the “Journey” series, using what he came up with to fuel his writing.

It’s wonderful, he added, to finally see it in hardcover form from Outskirts Press.

Especially with such an inspirational, imaginative character providing the cover art.

Local artist Bill Steidel, known for his fantastical paintings, will do the cover art for Dueber’s books.

Steidel was one of Dueber’s father’s best friends and “like an older brother to me,” Dueber said.

Many of the characters in Dueber’s books are actually based on friends and people he knows in and around town.

Many of the locations in the story are also based upon local points, such as the Needles and Haystack Rock, along with a few others that may not be as well-known. Others use more distant locations, particularly Scotland, where Dueber goes for quiet and inspiration.

He sold the retail shops he once owned in town to focus on his writing, though he can still be caught working in the Oil and Vinegar Bar.

The book is available at the Cannon Beach Book Company and online at


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