A new exhibition of linocut printmaking by Marit Berg opened at Imprint Gallery in Cannon Beach on Saturday August 10. Although Marit works in an expressive-realist style, she is not always concerned with the pure representation of her subject matter.

Her work frequently features animals with a subtext that expresses the delicate balance of life within the natural world and how animals develop particular traits to thrive in their habitats. For the past few years Marit  has been drawn to portraying hares, and there is a drove of hares in this show. Most recently. with three new pieces,  she has turned her attention foxes.

“Natural selection rewards survival through adaptation. These adaptations reveal themselves in interesting and varied forms, particularly in animals. They may evolve as competitive display; to warn off a predator; or as camouflage in the surroundings. These traits have also informed myth and symbolism in many cultures. I investigate these traits and contrast them to exemplify the diversity and specialization of the species, in separate works.”

Marit grew up in a printmaking studio, where her father taught for over 30 years, but primarily saw herself as a painter; following the footstep of her mother, a Fulbright scholar abstract expressionist painter. After after receiving her MFA in Painting and Printmaking from San Diego State University she took a position in the printmaking department of Tacoma Community College. Teaching printmaking for the last 15 years has allowed her to dig deep into processes while focusing on craftsmanship and discipline.

The exhibition is  part of Imprint Gallery’s program of printmaking shows, in their upper gallery, at 183 N Hemlock Street, Cannon Beach. Marit’s work can be found on the gallery’s website at www.imprintgallery.com. The exhibition continues through September 15th.


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