Cannon Beach considers short-term rental changes

From a report titled “City of Cannon Beach Affordable Housing Task Force Report on Findings and Deliberation of Affordable Housing Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan” provided by Cannon Beach Community Development Director Jeff Adams, here’s a closer look at affordable housing in Cannon Beach.

According to this report, “People who work in Cannon Beach cannot afford to live in Cannon Beach; this has become a strain not only on local employers but on the community itself, which needs an array of residents/families to maintain its social balance and economic well-being.

By the numbers

The 2020 Census shows a population of 1,489 residents in Cannon Beach, which is a decrease from the 2010 Census. According to this report, “What might be most disconcerting from the Census numbers, is that only 705 of the 1,888 (37.3%) total housing units are now occupied (full time) a loss of 7.1% in just ten years. Only 75 Cannon Beach workers live in Cannon Beach, or just 5.5% of the total estimated Cannon Beach workforce of 1,366.”

When asked if Short-Term Rentals (STR’s) are impacting the supply of Long-Term Rentals, Cannon Beach Community Development Director Jeff Adams replied, “We have no proof that our STR’s impact our Long-Term Rentals, as the number of our STR’s have stayed consistent at about 200 since 2015. It is much more likely that second-homes have continued to climb in number, while our full-time population dwindles.”

The City recently hired a new Code Official to help enforce STR regulations in Cannon Beach, using software to assist in monitoring STR’s. In 2019, the City Council suspended the issuance of any new 5-year unlimited STR permits, and set up an STR Taskforce to research the issue. The number of STR’s in Cannon Beach is currently 202; with 47 permits allowing unlimited rentals, 19 5-year permits allowing unlimited rentals, and 136 permits allowing just one rental every 14 days.

According to Brian Olson of Beachcomber Vacation Homes, “In Cannon Beach STR’s are highly regulated with occupancy and parking restrictions as well as how many rentals you can have in a month. The program has been very successful”. Olson said that second or vacation homes that are not licensed as an STR present a problem if they are not regulated. “Remember that some of your neighbors and the City depend on the income that STR’s bring to the community”.

Cannon Beach Community Development Director Jeff Adams, the Cannon Beach STR Taskforce, and a Clatsop County Regional Task Force are committed to developing lasting solutions for our regional housing challenges and will be meeting quarterly to address these issues. For more information, go the the City of Cannon Beach website and search for “Short-Term Rentals and Housing Matters.”


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