Over the weekend dozens of artists scattered around Cannon Beach, painting and sculpting pieces inspired by the world around them in the 10th annual Plein Air & More Arts Festival. More than 16 galleries were represented during the event, all of which held galas and other meet-and-greet events throughout the festival.

At Whale Park, Scott Johnson, represented both by White Bird and Cannon Beach Galleries let the dunes dotted with dozens of seagulls in front of Breaker’s Point inspire his water color.

“It’s a wet on wet on windy technique,” Johnson joked while holding onto his painting in the blustery afternoon wind.

As the cornerstone of the weekend, artists gathered in the Coaster Theatre courtyard for the “Artists Swarm,” where onlookers got to see everyone’s art – and those who make it ­ on display.

The Boca Marimba Band got everyone dancing along Hemlock. Down the way, artists Michael Ortwick and Anton Pavlenko performed “duelling canvases” at DragonFire.

“The opportunity to see artists working ­— especially the ones who we’ve already collected from — well, there’s really no other opportunity like it,” said Susan Zall, who traveled from Portland for the festival.

Zall was watching one of her favorite artists Dan Chen of Bronze Coast Gallery, who was busy at work sculpting a barn swallow out of clay. He was inspired by the barn swallows that have started to nest above the gallery.

“Working outside, seeing the excitement in people watching what you do...the excitement and the energy just feeds on itself,” Chen said. “It’s good. I like it.”

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