Author Pam Houston returns to the Beach Books "Lunch in the Loft" series at noon on Friday, March 22, with her latest work.

"Deep Creek" is an invitation to her ranch home in the high country of Colorado. Houston bravely invites the reader into the world she has made for herself. From an old homestead, Houston has created a refuge, a home of natural beauty, with animals both wild and domestic. She brings alive her love of the West as a place of headstrong break-your-heart-blue that captured her soul when she acquired it after the success of her best-seller, "Cowboys Are My Weakness."

$35 includes an autographed copy of "Deep Creek" and catered lunch; $10 for lunch only.

Elise Hooper

Elise Hooper, author of "The Other Alcott," will be at Beach Books' Lunch in the Loft series on here for Lunch in the Loft on Wednesday, March 27 to discuss her newest novel "Learning to See."

"Learning to See" is is the story of photographer Dorothea Lange famous for her depictions of people suffering in the Great Depression and World War II Japanese internment camps.

Starting with Lange's arrival in San Francisco in 1918, the book depicts her tempestuous marriage to artist Maynard Dixon, the birth of their two sons, her growing skill and fame as a photographer, her work with the Depression Era Resettlement Administration, and her eventual marriage to professor Paul Taylor.

The background depicts many other famous people Lange knew and worked with, such as novelist John Steinbeck and photographer Ansel Adams.

$25 includes an autographed copy of "Learning to See" and catered lunch; $10 lunch only.

RSVP to reserve a spot; 503-738-3500.


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