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The Seaside Saturday Market, in collaboration with The Seaside Civic and Convention Center, is proud to announce the Seaside Fall/Winter 2020 Art and Artisan Market. This festival will take place right in the heart of Seaside on the following dates: Oct. 31, Nov. 7, 14 and 28 and Dec. 20. (You are not required to sign up for all dates)

Located just two short blocks from the Pacific Ocean, the Seaside Civic and Convention Center has an open and airy atmosphere with plenty of free parking. The safety and well-being of the community has always been their top priority. Never has that duty to serve been clearer than it is now.

The center is setting up the market in adherence with the current CDC recommended space between each vendor booth. All COVID-19 protocols will be in place, all space will be 10 x 10’ with a 6-foot buffer all around. 

Artists, Artisans, and Makers are encouraged to apply

Medias of all types are welcome to apply. Artists/Artisans are selected on a first come, first served basis, as long as they meet the qualifications of original creations; no buy sell merchandise. After the show is filled, artists will be put on a waitlist for any future openings.



Festival Finder (Key Facts)

• Easy drive up and set up

• Free artist parking

• Vendor fee is $35.00 for each day vending

• Vendor set-up times 8 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 9 a.m. (please select your preferred set-up time in the application below)

• Hours open to the public 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Festival Information

• Artist Sales: Artists keep all their sales income from the show.

• Artist Parking: Free for artists

• Marketing: The Seaside Saturday Market has a multi-layered marketing plan that supports this show with newspaper and radio exposure, posters, social media, street banners, promotion on the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce website and Chamber Chatter news.



Festival Eligibility

1. All artwork submitted to jury, displayed and presented for sale at festivals must be created, designed and made or made under the direct supervision of the accepted artist(s). All artwork shown must be for sale.

2. Jewelry created through fabrication and casting is allowed

3. Photography/Digital art: Original work made by the hands of the photographer is allowed.

4. The artist certifies that jury images submitted represent their current original work and represent the category and body of art that will be displayed at the festival.

5. Art collaborators producing a single item qualify as an exhibitor. A collaborator is not an employee or helper. If artists enter as a collaboration, it must be clearly noted on the registration form.

6. No work made solely by apprentices or employees is allowed. All artwork must be made in the country the artist resides in.

7. “Buy/sell” items are strictly prohibited from all or part of an artist’s booth. Buy/Sell is any art or object that is purchased from a manufacturer or maker other than the artist and sold at a festival as “original” work. The restriction of buy/sell work is in ALL categories of art at ALL shows.

Festival Policies

1. Acceptance is non-transferable. Booths cannot be split without the expressed consent from the Festival Committee.

2. After an artist/artisan registers for the show, they must send four images of their work and one image of their display to

3. All festivals are drug-free. No smoking or vaping is allowed in or near artists’ booths.

4. Accepted artists must be present during all festival hours.

5. Any artist closing the booth prior to the end of the show without permission will not be permitted to return the next day or in future years.

6. Only artwork in the category accepted through the jury process is allowed. It is the exclusive right of the Seaside Saturday Market Committee to direct removal of work at the show that is not in compliance with festival rules. Non-complying artists will be asked to leave the show immediately and no refund will be given.

7. Double and corner spaces may be requested but not guaranteed and are awarded at the sole discretion of the Festival Committee. Double spaces must be occupied by two tents.

Wait List Policy

A wait list is selected from the jury's scores in each category, and wait listed artists are invited into the show as cancellations occur in that particular category. Wait list artists can resubmit art images and/or a booth image for reconsideration on their overall jury score. Wait list artists can be accepted up to and on the day of the show and will be notified by phone and/or email when a booth becomes available.

No Show Policy

Artists who have not checked in and/or notified Seaside Saturday Market with a message email ( by 7:30 a.m. on the requested vending day, will be considered a NO SHOW and the assigned space will be forfeited with no refund.



The center is setting up the market in adherence with the current CDC recommended space between each vendor booth. All COVID-19 protocols will be in place, all space will be 10 x 10’ with a 6-foot buffer all around. You may not infringe on another space physically or audibly.

All tables must be skirted to the ground. Only one artist’s work or the work of two approved collaborating artists may be displayed per booth. Artists must keep their area clean and orderly. Double and corner spaces may be requested but are not guaranteed and are awarded at the sole discretion of the Seaside Saturday Market Committee.

An artist requesting a corner must either have the corner wall open or use the outside wall to display art.

Special booth space and special needs requests will be accepted (including corner space and double space requests) but are not guaranteed. The market will make every effort to meet all special requests on a first come, first served basis. Additional charges may apply. If invited into a show, please include all booth requests on that show’s registration form.

Click on the link below to download the vendor application. 

Vendor application 212.51 KB

Download DOCX file

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