John Buehler

John Buehler

Not long ago, I attended a Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting and sat next to John Buehler, who quickly reminded me of how we first met.

John and wife Susan had recently purchased one of the Sandcastle condos. Although still living in Kansas at the time, their plan was to turn the condo into a “real home” and retire to Cannon Beach.

In 2006, they were in town visiting and had come downtown for breakfast. They parked their car behind ours while my husband, Steve, and I were schlepping bundles of the Cannon Beach Gazette from office to car.

John hailed Steve and asked if he had any role with The Gazette.

John recalls that Steve straightened up, took a step back, then a deep breath, and asked, “Why?” (We had just purchased the newspaper not long before.)

Well, John said, he was a longtime subscriber and took joy in getting his Gazette mailed to him regularly. Oh, in that case, Steve volunteered that we owned The Gazette. It made John laugh then and it made him laugh again in the retelling!

If you’ve ever phoned Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals (CBVR) and had your call answered by a man with a flat-out beautiful baritone voice, you’ve talked to John.

So how is it he came to be working at CBVR, when the plan had been to retire here? John said he and Susan had become acquainted with CBVR first as guests. After they bought their condo, they became “owner/partners,” letting CBVR manage periodic rental of the condo.

But once they had settled in Cannon Beach, John got bored with retirement.

When he reached the point “where I could not take one more nap,” he joined the CBVR staff.

That said, John actually sports two business cards. One has him working in Guest Relations for CBVR. On his second card, he’s representing the Cannon Beach Chorus as Artistic Director & Conductor.

“Life before Cannon Beach was teaching choral music in Kansas,” said John. Before moving to Oregon, he had explored options for performing music in northern Oregon … and discovered the Cannon Beach Chorus.

At the time, David Carlson was the accompanist. When David was ready to step away, Susan took on the accompanist job.

When John first started singing with the chorus, it averaged about 17 members. Now, that number’s more like 50 to 60. The members come from as far north as Long Beach, Washington, as far south as Pacific City, and as far east as Beaverton.

John boasts that their performance quality has only gotten better as the chorus has grown. “With quantity, comes quality.”

If you’d like to participate, the chorus will begin rehearsing right after Labor Day for its annual December concert. Following that, the group will begin preparing for a May concert, then take a summer break.

John’s passion for Cannon Beach has had a positive ripple effect on our community, through his work at CBVR and his leadership with the Cannon Beach Chorus.

And I’m happy to report that he’s still a strong supporter of The Gazette!


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