King tide at Horsfall Beach.

WHEN: Oct. 28 at 7 p.m.

WHERE: Online via Zoom

WHAT: Every year, Oregon Shores’ volunteer program CoastWatch, in partnership with Oregon Coast Management Program, brings the Oregon King Tides Project to the public’s attention. This year, the theme is “King Tides in Your Neighborhood” and the first of four events this season will be a virtual event co-hosted with The Friends of Cape Falcon Marine Reserve. The highest tides of the year are known as the king tides. These are the tides that coincide with the new and full moons November through January (though the new moon brings a higher tide than a full moon).

The first set of king tides this year is Nov. 5-7. The Oregon King Tides Project’s goal is to document the inland reach of these king tides on the Oregon coast with photography, tracking sea level rise and envisioning how it will change in the future. The event on Oct. 28 will focus on north coast locations that have yet to be monitored as well as needed comparison photos of regular high tides.

Friends of Cape Falcon Marine Reserve coordinator Kristin Bayans will join CoastWatch coordinator Jesse Jones and share news about the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve and photo-points needed around the reserve. This session will be of interest to those who live and work on the north coast. Register for this event here:

Upcoming king tides events in November and December will focus on other areas of the Oregon coast. Check out Oregon Shores website for more information or contact


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