Arch Cape chef sells organic, small batch granola

Teresa Dufka, Arch Cape resident, makes organic granola and granola bars that can be purchased from Food Roots and other local businesses.

Every morning Teresa Dufka and her husband take a walk on the beach and look up at Angora Peak above the Arch Cape community.

The mountaintop’s name became the inspiration for her premium, organic granola company.

“I wanted something that was high enough in protein, was shelf stable, and a highly nutritious product,” Dufka said.

Dufka graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York in 1980. She has worked as a classically trained chef, pastry chef, and dining room manager in the Caribbean and on the Oregon Coast.

After retiring, Dufka began making granola out of her home in Arch Cape. Her granola is made using only organic ingredients including oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, coconut, and raw northwest honey.

“Organic ingredients are better for the planet and they tend to be more delicious; that’s what I buy for my family,” said Dufka.

Customers can purchase the granola in three different sizes: Voyager (three ounce bag), Market (one pound size bag), and Chubby (bulk purchase).

After popularity grew with the granola, Dufka began making granola bars.

“The granola bars are high in calories, but the calories are the perfect ratio of carbohydrates and protein. It’s something that’s perfect to go for miles and miles without other food,” Dufka said. “Those really caught on with people who go off in the woods to go hiking and with people who put them in their kids backpacks.”

Angora Peak granola and bars can be purchased at Food Roots in Tillamook, in Manzanita at; Wild Grocery, Manzanita News & Espresso, Manzanita Lumber Company, Manzanita Fresh Foods, and in Cannon Beach at; Tolvana Inn, and Surfcrest Market. Additional businesses sell Angora Peak products in Seaside and Astoria.

Customers can also purchase directly from Angora Peak by calling 503-457-7086, emailing:, or visiting


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